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Layne A. Longfellow, Ph.D.
President, Lecture Theatre, Inc.


"Layne Longfellow is a true professional. He and The Menninger Foundation mutually benefited from our time together. I'm proud to see him carrying on that tradition of excellence.

-Roy W. Menninger, M.D., President and CEO, The Menninger Foundation

Dr. Layne Longfellow integrates a distinguished academic background with an extensive performing career. As Director of Executive Seminars for The Menninger Foundation, he designed and conducted training for principal executives of major multinational corporations.

Founding his own company, Lecture Theatre, Inc., he pursued his dream of presenting ideas and substance as entertainment -- the multi-media presentation of information through lecture, photo and Dr. Layne Longfellowvideo images, graphics and music. Since its world premiere at the Young Presidents Organization’s International University, the format has been widely influential in the field of professional speaking. Dr. Longfellow has presented Lecture Theatre over 2000 times internationally.

Stretching boundaries once again, in 1989 he premiered an entirely new Lecture Theatre on environmental themes as the Keynote Address for the National Speaker’s Association; this produced an invited address to principal executives of DuPont, then the world’s number one polluter. (click here to read article) Two decades later, our changing Earth is THE topic of our time.

Layne Longfellow's 1983 "Beyond Success" presentation was recently selected among the 12 best of the past 25 years; "The Mountain Waits," a CBC documentary of Longfellow's mountaineering seminar for executives, was awarded the Gold Medal for Outdoor Films at the New York Festival of TV and Film.

He is the author of Imaginary Menagerie, a children's book, Visual Feast, a book of visual puns (both Chronicle Books), several Lecture Theatre audios and videos, and cocreator of "Body Talk" and "Feel Wheel," psychological games released by Psychology Today for professional use. His essay on the relationship between ecology and the economy, "The Language of Commerce Interprets Living Systems," is in Discourses in Search of Members (University Press of America, 2002) (click to view). His early neuro-psychological research appeared in Science. (click to view)

Dr. Longfellow is a Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum Laude graduate of Ohio University. He received his Doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the University of Michigan, where he was a Fellow of the National Science Foundation and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. He was a National Institute of Mental Health Post-Doctoral Fellow with Dr. Carl Rogers.

As Vice President of Prescott College, he designed a curriculum so innovative it was described in World Book Encyclopedia. He developed Executive Wilderness Seminars at The Menninger Foundation and expanded this format to Canada's Banff Centre, where expeditions included mountaineering, rafting, canoeing, sailing and skiing. (click here to view film) These executive programs combine environmental awareness with personal development, through intensive wilderness experiences.


  • The insight of a scholar
  • The inspiration of a motivational speaker
  • The music and humor of an entertainer
  • The wisdom of an elder

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