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"I love it - both enjoy it and appreciate the challenge - when clients ask me to pull ideas together from my different topics. This lets me meet specific interests of their people and needs of their organization. Often this means speaking at greater length, to achieve greater depth. I look forward to the design of your program"
-Layne Longfellow


Superwoman in the Promised Land:

I was honored to be the only male presenter in a conference on career women's professional development. I began with "Marlboro Women": Successful career women pay a bigger personal price than their male counterparts. From "Beyond Success": There is a human need for balance between love and work, intimacy and competence. Research finds that those with careers and families experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment. Then "Work Ethic": Is is our high-tech, information-based, service economy that sets the stage for changing gender roles - jobs no longer require physical size and strength. From "Leadership": In general, women define their identity more broadly than do men, they therefore lust less for power, and therefore are less susceptible to ethical transgressions in positions of responsibility. We all embody the masculine and the feminine, in our person, our marriage, our organization, and society.

"Thanks for a superb presentation (93% rated it 'very valuable'). You closed the conference with everyone on a high! We saved the best 'til last"
-Helena C. Douglas, Assistant Director, Office of Professional Development, Clemson University


Integrity Breeds Income:

It is time to move beyond the psychology of winning to the psychology of contribution. Why? Because it feels better, to begin with! Research shows altruism is an effective antidote for everything from depression to the stress levels of the Type-A personality. There is a purpose beyond self, the purpose of service. Personal achievement alone is ultimately not satisfying. To achieve real satisfaction and fulfillment, we must give something back. Paradoxically, we then increase income and feel more comfortable with less.
Laced with ironic humor, this direct, "tell-it-like-I-see-it" business and social commentary. It builds on themes from all my other topics as well as original and spontaneous material. Excellent for executive conferences, also for smaller general sessions or breakouts. No Lecture Theatre here - no music, no slides, no singing - just straight talk. Many people consider this to be the most inspired talk I have given, and an audio tape is available for you to preview.

"I expected to see your other skills (piano, drama) but I was not disappointed at all. Thank you for sharing your beliefs so clearly and for challenging us."
-Marie Hix, Ed Greif & Company, Inc.


Managing Diversity in a Time of Renewal:

Many companies are forthrightly addressing what is not a challenge of the future, but a challenge of today - the unprecedented diversity of both their consumer base and their workforce. I addressed all management levels of one such company. My talk focused on the opportunity that America's historic diversity represents. Many people see diversity as a problem. It can be that, or it can be our great advantage in the world of the 21st Century, where it is expected that one-sixth of the Earth's population will be white, and where by the year 2065, it is predicted that America will cease to be a white-majority country. This talk emphasizes three diversities: Culture, Gender and Generational.

"This was the best meeting we have ever had. The real strength was its substance. Obviously people were enthusiastic; 89% think you should come back to meet with other SLD'ers. I agree."
-Charles W. Chambers, CEO, Sara Lee Direct


Marlboro Man Meets the Marlboro Woman:

"Would you rather be right than be loved?" "What do you lose when you win an argument?" "Communication skills cannot create love, but they can keep love from being undone."
This is an emotional and humorous talk, ideal for couples and spouses, and one that they and I especially enjoy. Men and women are different; we do have different vocabularies and needs. Ironically, we keep giving each other what we really want ourselves, so our partners feel unnoticed and we feel unappreciated. We have deep-set unspoken expectations of ourselves and of each other. Those are the traditional, idealized stereotypes which we are re-negotiating. Our goal is the integration, in each of us, of love and work, of traditionally feminine nurturance with a traditionally masculine sense of achievement.
Some of this material is described in the "Beyond Success" section.

"Layne was the highest rated speaker at our convention (4.9 of 5) His entertaining style appealed to our membership, who have heard a wide variety of speakers over the years and
need something extra to excite them."

-Cynthia Buffington, Director of Education, Mechanical Contractors Association of America


Managing Multiple Change:

I keynoted the annual marketing meeting of a utility company facing a barrage of change: from a CEO born in 1926 to one born in 1943; new environmental realities of regulation and resource management; cutbacks and downsizing. This talk combined "generational" and "environmental" segments with "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" materials. It introduced the Morale Curve, which shows that morale slumps even when people undergo positive change! But change is universal, inevitable and necessary, and positive outcomes often follow changes that feel negative.

"You brought change to life for the audience; we viewed human reactions in a wholly different light. What might have been a dry lecture became high energy theatre with an important message"
-Joseph Clifford, Director, Marketing and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.


Leadership: Power Use vs. Power Abuse:

The keynote version of this talk is a variation of the "Work Ethic" material. Seminar versions add:

  • the distinction between the use and abuse of power
  • transformational leadership vs. transactional management
  • informal vs. formal power structures
  • the four sources of authority on which leadership is based: position, interpersonal skills, professional knowledge, trust
  • the necessity to integrate diverse wants, needs, opinions, thoughts, and feelings
  • the five styles of conflict management: forcing, smoothing, withdrawing, compromising, integrating
"Your insightful discussion was just what we needed to top off the series of meetings. References will be made to your speech for many years to come."
-Donald N. Boyce, Chairman of the Board and President, Idex Corporation


Transitions of Our Lives:

This is a combination I love to do. "Beyond Success" emphasizes individual development through the life cycle. "Work Ethic" emphasizes the dramatic transitions between generations in our society. They fit together perfectly. For example, the Baby Boomers are now at mid-life in the life cycle, the Pragmatists are establishing their competence in early adulthood, the Depression Babies are looking for meaning beyond success, and the Authoritarians are taking on the challenges of retirement, changing capacity, and relinquishing power.

"Your humorous yet poignant message struck a responsive chord. You were rated the #1 speaker (9.7 of 10). I truly believe that everyone in the room was moved by you r message."
-Patricia L. Shinko, Director, Educational Services, Food Marketing Institute

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