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Generations Of Excellence
Why Our Changing Values Add Value


"Why don't these motivational techniques that I've learned work?

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Ethics: No motivational technique will work with a cynical work force. Ethical behavior at the top, private and public sector, is now essential to our economic well-being. If employees don't trust and respect management, productivity and excellence suffer.

Culture: North America is the most culturally diverse society in the world. Properly educated and integrated, that is our competitive advantage in the international marketplace of the 21st Century. No matter where we go in the world, we will look like our customers.

Gender: In an information-based, service economy, women have as many job skills as men, and will continue to expand both their presence and influence. Generations: Accelerated social change produces radical value differences between generations - in our families and the work force. There are five generations (thus five value systems) in our society:

  • Authoritarians - born prior to the depression
  • Depression-era Type-A's - born between 1929 and 1945
  • Boom Babies - born 1946 to 1963
  • Post-War Pragmatists - born after the Kennedy assassination
  • Info-Children - born since 1980

Conclusion: You can't add value if you don't understand values.

Principal Points:

  • Nearly 90% of all Board Chairmen of the Fortune 1000 are white males born before WWII
    They have less and less in common with hose for whom they set policies - Post-War generations, immigrants, minorities and women.
  • The newer generations see work as a means to support their real lives of leisure; the older generations see work as being real life.
  • The Post-World War II generations have taken affluence and continuous economic expansion for granted, thanks to the productivity of the Pre-War generations.
  • Baby Boomers are assuming responsibility in the private and public sector. That's good news. Their experiences better prepare them to manage the challenges of the 21st Century.

How You Can Use This Presentation:

This is my "flagship" talk, my trademark. It makes a great conference opener. These are the concepts and ideas that can provoke discussion for several days. The general session version runs one to two hours and is excellent at 90 minutes. It is of personal interest - as well as professional - because it offers a thoughtful and entertaining look at generational differences within our families.

The three-hour seminar is more powerful for executive conferences and small groups. It generates much discussion of the organization, economy and the future. Either version can be done in full Lecture Theatre format or without piano and singing, using slides and recorded music only.

What Clients Say About This Presentation:

"Your talk was extremely illuminating. In fact, it ended our meeting on the highest note ever! I have received numerous phone calls and letters on the overall program and each of them mentioned your talk.
-James C. Currow, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, The Miami Herald

"Congratulations on being the highest rated speaker on an FIA program packed with outstanding speeches. FIA particularly appreciated that your remarks were right on target with the needs of the industry as described in earlier correspondence."
-Kathryn A. Hendrix, Director of Industry Meetings, Forging Industry Association

"As Always, we've received nothing but rave reviews about your presentation. You have a knack for grabbing our group early and holding them in the palm of your hand for the entire presentation."
David T. McConnell, Jr. Vice President, General Merchandise Distributor's Council

Quotes From The Talk:

"If work is my life, it's easy to motivate me. If work is a means to support my real life, it's harder."

"Our society changes so rapidly we have a new generation every four years."

"We're in this together. We cannot sink half the ship."


What the Audience Learns:

  1. I Don't motivate people through my value system, I motivate people through their values.
  2. The world I have seen shapes the way I see the world - those are my values.
  3. Diversity benefits all.
  4. Ethical behavior makes good business sense. There is no distinction between doing "the right thing" and doing what serves my own long-term economic self-interests.
  5. The only version of materialistic self-interest that works today is a commitment beyond self to the organization and to society. That is the bottom line.


"I have attended many workshops and seminars in my 20 years, but none has been moving, well-organized, and perhaps, accurate in the assessment of our societal values and corresponding dilemmas!"

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