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Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Who Says You Can't Have It All?


"Why can't I change? I've been to self-improvement and stress seminars. Why don't I practice what I've learned?"

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"Stress" seminars have been overdone, but they focused on the "how to" of stress, rather than the "why" of health. Our major healthcare challenges are not the infectious diseases, but the "lifestyle" diseases. Our high-stress lifestyle not only endangers our health, but it actually sabotages our professional success, limits friendships and family lives, and undercuts managerial skills. The good news: both our health and out healthcare costs are within control. Both follow from the choices we make about how we live. And we can learn to make more healthful choices - to add life to our years and years to our lives!

Principal Points:

  • My research shows clearly that we increase income, feel better. and have more fulfilling relationships when we manage diet, exercise, and stress.
  • Our extended life span puts responsibility for our health squarely with us - we control the lifestyle choices we make.
  • Health is more than the absence of disease. Diseases develops late in the process of losing health.
  • High stress levels increase both the frequency and severity of health problems.
  • The hard driving , high stress Type-A personality style is highly admired by our culture, but it undermines both health and productivity.
  • For the Type-A's, identity depends on accomplishing tasks. The "are" what they "do".
  • Hostility is the high-risk ingredient of the Type-A personality.
  • Type-A behavior is a form of addiction to stimulation - so is MTV. Our newest generations are increasingly addicted to electronic stimulation - to stress.

How You Can Use This Presentation:

There is tremendous high-energy humor here, and audiences love the "titillation of self-recognition" in the Type-A sections. This is a personal development talk, focused on the life and work of the individual audience member.

This presentation can be done in Lecture Theatre format or in traditional style, with slides only. It can be experiential, with exercises and self-evaluation inventories, or lecture only; lasting from 45 minutes to one-half day.

What Clients Say About This Presentation:

"You are truly the answer to a meeting planner's prayers. Not only do you deeply touch your audience, but those of us who have seen you more than once value the consistency of your performances. We know we will get a superb presentation every time!"
-Sam Cleary, Executive Vice President, Montana Association of Realtors

"I laughed, sang, applauded, cheered, and almost cried. I have attended a number of business-related lectures and seminars, but never have had to fight back tears. Thank you for reminding our industry that all are individuals with their own goals and expectations."
-John M. Harris, Regional Director, Fitcorp

"Layne, your style and touch and subject matter reach out and grab the audience. Everyone is led through a roller coaster of emotions. You not doubt have changed peoples' lives."
-John S. Groh, Director of Worldwide Marketing, Valmont Industries, Inc.

Quotes From The Talk:


"The more I demand of life, the more life will demand of me. Excessive demand equals distress."

"Children of Type-A's never get to 'go potty' on driving vacations: 'I've got to go!' - 'Well, hold it. I've got half a tank of gas left.'"


What the Audience Learns:

  1. The specifics of good health: diet, exercise, stress reduction, spiritual beliefs, strong support system of family and friends.
  2. The management of stress is central to the maintenance of health.
  3. The responsibility of my health rests with me, not my physician.
  4. The three principles of sound emotional and physical health: control, challenge and commitment.
  5. How to add life to my years and years to my life.


"I honestly believe you saved my life. I heard your stress talk at MDRT. Seven years later, the night before a half-marathon, I felt something in my body. I remembered your line, 'The mind and body form a feedback loop; never ignore what one is saying to the other.' My doctor says I wouldn't be around if I had made that run."


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