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There are students and then there are students. One of the latter is Ron Scollon, who long ago surpassed his teacher (that would be me).  He then honored me by asking me to submit a chapter to the volume honoring his 60th birthday. Here it is:


"The Language of
commerce interprets
living systems:
Something's lost
in translation"

*12-page PDF

Essays & Columns:

My master's research was sufficiently "hard science" to be published in the journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a rare placement for a psychologist in those days. It is a far cry from the reading of 19th century poetry that I now do; I present it here as encouragement for those whose life paths meander:


"Interocular transfer of pattern discrimination without prior binocular experience"

Expose Magazine Articles


How to behave in an Elevator

Elevator Etiquette:

Read the list of how to behave in an elevator.

"On The Media: How I Became the World's Authority on Elevator Etiquette"

Also read: LA Times interview on Elevator Etiquette:
"No Talking"

Feeling the Joy in Gravity

Here is a memoir I wrote as I was beginning to regain brain function, beginning to have hope of returning to the world. It’s a “letter from the underground,” written when I had gotten back enough brain power to write it...

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Chairman of the Bored
The Seinfeld-Sinatra Axis

America had a chance to size itself up last week.  Seinfeld and Sinatra both went out on top, and we took the measure of our heroes.  Shrinkage....

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The Cannes Mutiny

Do you know about “incentive meetings,” or “incentive travel?”  Here’s how it works:  Large corporations operate on the belief (or the observed fact) that their employees -- especially their external representatives, such as salespeople --  cannot be sufficiently motivated intrinsically, by the satisfaction gained from meaningful work...

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - Scholarly Poet of the Heart

"The older I get, the more convinced I am that we can
never know anything if we don't feel it. There's a
wonderful line from my piano teacher: 'I hear all the
right notes but I hear no music.' ...

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"The currents of Obamanism are shifting; we can all feel it, and we look around for the cause. The cause is simple – Shift Happens. (If ever that pun were appropriate, this is it.)" ...

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