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You will quickly note that these materials are quite dated. I did not intend to include them -- then I read them. They are prescient. Look at the dates, and how young I look in the photos, then read the material on "Leadership," for example. And if I had sincerely followed the principles for lowering stress and maintaining health and productivity that I summarize in the last paragraph of "Employees Finding Daily Stress..." my own life and career would be WAY improved.

So here's what a man at midlife had to say:

The Prescott Experiment
The World Book Encyclopedia Yearbook of 1973
by William Trombley

Featured Prescott College and it's innovative programs, including "First Year". the Freshman program I designed as Academic Vice President....
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World Book 1973 The Prescott Experiment


Crisis in Leadership

Expert Sees Crisis in U.S. Leadership
by Helen Sheffield
News-Star-World, Monroe, Louisiana

There is a crisis in leadership in the country. You've probably heard that before, but you probably haven't heard the concept explained just the way Layne Longfellow explains it...
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Managing Sales Stress
by John Gallagher
Radio Only, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

An easy program any sales manager can begin. "Must Take" vacations. Physical programs. Ban smoking. Limit overtime...
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Managing Stress
Employee Stress

Employees Find Daily Stress Levels Reaching New Highs
Q&A by John Gallagher
The Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York

Feeling stressed out? Lots of people in business do. Dr. Layne Longfellow notes that that's bad business: the most productive people in the long run are those who don't surrender to stress...
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Shape Your Life, Live Your Life
by Layne Longfellow
Life Association News

Everyone's life consists of transitions. We learn, we change, we grow. By midlife, however, we have a need to look inward at ourselves and fill those needs that are unmet...
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Shape Your Life
Keeping love from being undone

Keeping Love From Being Undone
Pulsebeat, Volume 15, Number 4

We need to understand the rules society sets for men and women - and change them to protect our emotional well-being...
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Media Coverage:

The Circuit's Most Electrifying Acts
by Jennifer Juergens

There are authors, politicians, economists, sports celebrities, CEO's, professors, born-agains, musicians, actors, and yes, even unknowns. They are dynamic, hard-hitting, humorous, moving, inspiring and reflective. They are motivational speakers...
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Electrifying Acts
More Than Talk

Convention Speech More Than Talk
by Jane Stegemiller
The Indianapolis News

For those of you who have groaned and yawned your way through more speeches than you care to remember, how about a talk that's not all talk? ...
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Let Them Hear Substance
by Gail Larsen
Association Management

According to speakers who work with associations, these trends will affect the increasingly competitive meeting environment, as well as audience information needs...
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Let Them Hear Substance
Still a Role Model

Still a Role Model After Thirty Years
by Bob Greene
Chicago Tribune, Tempo

Layne Longfellow is quite a speaker. He is full of energy, his anecdotes crackle, and he has complete control of his audiences. "We loved Layne Longfellow's rock and roll"...
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