Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry
Dreams that Cannot Die

Dreams That Cannot Die

The Standard Edition gives the full experience of the poems themselves. The readings and music, the printed texts of the poems, and Longfellow's biography are identical to the Illustrated Edition, but in conventional CD packaging. Total running time is 50' 29". Graphic design on both editions by Glenna Lang, recording by John Etnier of Studio Dual, mixing and mastering by Jonathan Wyner of
M-Works. ...see more

Illustrated Edition
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Dreams That Cannot Die
Illustrated Edition

The Illustrated Edition is a celebration of the nineteenth-century bookmaker's art; its visual elegance reflects the eloquence of the poetry. Each poem is introduced by a glimpse into Longfellow's world, excerpts from his journals and diaries that show the genesis of that poem in his daily life. ... see more


Poems on Slavery

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was more than America’s most beloved poet; he was a man of great social consciousness, of gentleness and goodness – and the courage of his convictions. 

In 1842, on his passage to the United States from England, he wrote eight anti-slavery poems that were published in December of that year. ...see more



One of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s first and most popular epic poem.  It is written in non-rhyming hexameter, which reads like prose.  Layne Longfellow, a descendant of Henry’s cousin, Michael, reads the poem with a voice from deep in his soul, allowing the hexameter to “soar and sink at will, now grazing the ground in its long sweep, now losing itself in the clouds,” as Henry described. ...see more




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