Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poetry
Dreams that Cannot Die

Listening is a magnetic and strange thing,
a creative force.

—Karl Menninger

This page contains an easy-to-find reference to all of Layne Longfellow's informational and musical offerings.

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The Music:

  The Song of Hiawatha
  The Fire of Drift-Wood
    The Castle-Builder
      The Quadroon Girl
        The Children's Hour
      The Cross of Snow
    The Tides
  My Lost Youth
  Mezzo Cammin
  Sonnet 1 (Preface to Dante's Inferno)
  The Slave's Dream
    Sonnet 4 (Preface to Dante's Purgatorio)
      Three Friends of Mine
  Tales of a Wayside Inn
  The Broken Oar
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
The Meeting





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